The festival is entirely organized by a team of volunteers who have become friends over the years, and who are enriched from edition to edition. Caroline, Maïté, Nadine, Christine, Corinne, Cécile, Loli, Claudia, the two Nathalies, but also Juanito, Tony, Paul, Victor, José as well as an apprentice, Esteban, who joined us in January. For this 2023 edition, we are delighted to welcome new members, Françoise, Christiane, Antonia, and Lionel.

FlamencA creates moments of sharing and joy. Every evening after the shows everyone meets at the table to prolong the night with the artists, the technicians. FlamencA is now a real family !

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Our association lives from the contributions paid by our members, from tickets sales and especially thanks to the good will of our volunteers!

Joining means helping us to professionalize our activity by benefiting from private parties and privileged “back stage” visits during our concerts…

For all those who want to be part of the FlamencA family, we are relaunching memberships. Memberships whose amount is free in order to allow everyone to participate according to their desire and their means.

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FlamencA is above all a story of friendship and passion.

The Association